Character Challenge, Part Two

An Exercise Worth Doing, Part II

By Annette Rey

This is Part Two of building five distinct characters. I have given you two people in Part One. Read on for the other three.

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Lord Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey


This is my anniversary piece, Blog #1, as I am opening this site today with my first post. Since it is the day of the American launch of the sixth and last season of Downton Abbey, I choose to comment on the incomparable Lord Julian Fellowes.

What a masterful writer! And he seems an unassuming gentleman, something we Americans probably expect from Englishmen, right? He is an extremely accomplished human being, a film director, actor, novelist, and holds a seat in the House of Lords.

If you want to become a better writer, I daresay a great writer, fix your eyes on the screen of the Downton Abbey programs. Don’t miss a beat. You will peer inside the mind of a creative genius. As you watch, try to think like Julian Fellowes does, as a writer. It is easy to get lost in the story lines and the fascinating, multi-faceted characters and all the subplots and intrigues. But, try to focus on the actual process he used to create this outstanding work.

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