Colorful, Catchy Narrative II

Radio Noir

In 2017 I posted one of my favorite articles on the gumshoe/street punk/police detective interactions on serial radio programs in the 1940s (read it). Not everyone owned a television set yet and home radio entertainment was a family event. Everything from sci-fi, comedy, horror, family, and mystery shows flowed into the ears of eager listeners.

I have Sirius radio in my car and listen to Radio Classics as I drive. I get a kick out of how the world was viewed then. And I admire the great writing of the programs I hear.

If you want to know how to give images to your work, to give your reader visuals of your story, listen to old radio broadcasts.

Following are great samples from one such program.

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Add Body Language to Your Writing

And Do It Subtly

By Annette Rey

You can read online articles and books about the craft of writing, attend writing workshops, speak with other writers, take writing courses, and all of that I suggest you do. But, what about those other moments in your life when you are sitting quietly and idly pick up a non-writing related book? How can you make those books writing-useful?

Perusing through the book Body Language by Dr. Glenn Wilson, it occurred to me how we writers can make use of information packed in practical books. As I read the material, my mind began creating lively and descriptive sentences for character interaction. We can insert meaning, motive, love, hate, regret, attraction, and more – and do so subtly – just by mentioning a character move, a raised eyebrow, a one-sided smile…

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Writers, Are You Stuck?

Awareness and Attitude

By Annette Rey

I came across this piece of profound wisdom and want to share it with writers and any person trying to maneuver through life’s journey.

When you need a lifeline, you need a reminder like this.

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