Reblog Help for Writers #2

Kate Steinemann

By Annette Rey 

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link for this site. The subject was necks. This week it is something else.

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Reblog Help for Writers

Kathy Steinemann

By Annette Rey

This is a great resource site for writers.

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Help for Writers

Great Site #14

By Annette Rey

Writers search for inspiration, new approaches, grammar facts, and education in all aspects of creating stories. I reblog the following post to help my readers along their writing journey.

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Spooky Montreal Afternoon

Glenda of Glenda’s Globe is a sincere and sensitive soul. She has unique ways to paint a picture, as this photograph shows and I’d like to share her with my readers.

Glenda's Globe

Maybe the Roswell folks should see this.

I admit, it’s an odd-shaped figure for a space craft, but I don’t know what “normal” is when it comes to alien spaceships.

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Castle Rapture~

This is not only a beautiful site, but extremely important to share with others – reblog on your site, too.

Near Haut-Koenigsbourg in France is a castle called Kintzheim that houses only raptors.

These are bateleur eagles that I photographed in the wild in Africa and never expected to see again in France!

Of course you recognize these beauties, who I also never expected to see in France.

The castle runs a program called “La Volerie des Aigles,” which is dedicated to breeding, conserving and educating the public about vulnerable raptors. Birds are flown daily, and are an unusual sight soaring over the old towns and orderly fields of France. The castle has bred many endangered raptor species including Andean condors, and stellar, imperial and white-tailed eagles, and many other species, including vultures.

The white-headed vulture is endemic to Africa. Populations have been declining steeply in recent years due to habitat degradation and poisoning. Our planet needs vultures, they are designed to keep our world clean.

The cinereous vulture has…

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Never Say This To a Woman. Ever.

Anne Clare knows how to pair personal experience with advice for writers and makes the presentation interesting. Read on.

sweater girl Remy Loz Photo by Remy Loz, courtesy of StockSnap

Most of the anecdotes that come to mind when I consider the importance of knowing one’s audience have to do with pregnancy.

I could tell tales of the highly detailed ‘birth stories’ related to me by more experienced friends when I was still an innocent little unmarried lass. Kindly meant, but talk about terrifying…

I might also tell some of the stories random people would relate once I was obviously expecting: tales of delivery room drama, tragic losses, and parenting woes. Not exactly  topics you want to be thinking about as the “D day” looms.

Of course, after three rounds in the delivery room, these stories have lost any power to shock me. (Now I have my own to tell, ha HA! But I won’t…) Only one still stings. My best anecdote for this post comes from 10 months after my first child was…

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