New Found Site for Writers

This One is a Gem

By Annette Rey

This site came to me out of frustration because I am reading the annotated version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and it’s taking me forever!

So I was curious and wanted to know how many words are in this novel.

Look at what I discovered.

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Writers Who Learn Better Visually Need…

By Annette Rey

I have always been about helping writers to break their block and to help them improve their craft. And so, one of the goals of Writers Block No More is to guide writers to sites from which they can grow new writing projects.

Writers are people. Duh! And all of us are different and have different abilities. Some people learn better from visual images, others audio, others tactile (uh oh, keep an extra eye on them. LOL).

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Do You Need Help Creating Interesting and Unique Titles?

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer May be Helpful

By Annette Rey

CoSchedule ( is a site that offers software that helps businesses get organized. The site also states they have a program that can help you save time, publish more consistently, and grow your blog traffic.

Like any business, they are in business to make money, so their software has a price.

But I discovered they have a free tool on their site called Headline Analyzer. This can be of use to writers to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results in creating productive titles for their blog posts. The Analyzer reveals some interesting details and some fun facts about your input.

Let’s take a look.

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Great Research Site for Writers

Historical Info

By Annette Rey

Is crime your genre? Are you writing about Britain of old? You need terminology of the age. You need information on court proceedings, actual criminal names to search, and the changes in policing practices.

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Sites for Writers #16

An Audio Dictionary

By Annette Rey

Have you been taught to use words that are well-known to you? Do you look up definitions before you add an even slightly new word to your writing? These are must practices for writers. You don’t want to present work that shows you are not literate because you have incorrectly interpreted the meaning of a word.

Just as important as your written word is how you speak. The voice in your brain that you draw upon for your writing is the vocal voice you use in everyday speaking. So pronunciation is integral to both your oral voice and your mental voice.

Here’s a great site for setting your speech on the right path.

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Help for Writers

Great Site #14

By Annette Rey

Writers search for inspiration, new approaches, grammar facts, and education in all aspects of creating stories. I reblog the following post to help my readers along their writing journey.

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Shop at Small Press

Spread the Wealth

By Annette Rey

Amazon gets a good share of the earnings of book lovers. I buy a lot of my books from Barnes and Noble, and make an effort to buy from independent sellers, as well.

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A Mystery Lover’s Site

A Mystery Connection

By Annette Rey

The Internet is full of information and I seem to mine its depth and find uncommonly known sites. I came across this one as I researched awards given to writers.

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More Sites for Writers #13

Useful and Rewarding Sites

By Annette Rey

Blog Dictionary   This site has articles, grammar help, word trends, and quizzes.

Book Life   This site is associated with Publisher’s Weekly, an expensive subscription in both digital and paper, but is suggested for serious writers. The site offers writing tips and advice, reviews of your books, and places your book in markets. As with any commitment, you should read the fine print for what is expected of you.

Diffen   This site has amazing comparisons boxes, you can plug in any word in one box and another word in the second box, and get a blank vs. blank description. This is very helpful to see relativity between two words of your choice, all in one place.

Ingram Spark   a self-publishing site. I have not used their services, but the site looks worthy to investigate.

Psychology at Wikia   A specialist site for the whole field of psychology. Most writers will need information on personality disorders and other conditions to write realistically about their characters. This site has a search box so you find the information you seek.

Psychology Today   It is very surprising what this site has to offer. The home page lists columns of blogs of articles under categories like Addiction, Aging, Anxiety, etc. You can find a therapist or take tests in five categories. Tests assess your adventurousness, ability to manage anger, problem solving, etc. You can adapt information at this site to round out your characters.

Write at Home  writing tips, quizzes, spend a little time here