Writers Who Learn Better Visually Need…


By Annette Rey

I have always been about helping writers to break their block and to help them improve their craft. And so, one of the goals of Writers Block No More is to guide writers to sites from which they can grow new writing projects.

Writers are people. Duh! And all of us are different and have different abilities. Some people learn better from visual images, others audio, others tactile (uh oh, keep an extra eye on them. LOL).

Visit the Visual Dictionary Online for more complete explanations of words than a standard word dictionary like Webster offers. For instance, when you look up a word, you are looking for a definition and instruction on how to use it. But the Visual Dictionary adds so much more to the word you are seeking. Besides a picture of the item you are researching, the visual offered expands your knowledge further. You can apply this additional information to your writing projects.

Say you are writing a science fiction story and a spacesuit is mentioned. Great writing includes specific detail which brings your writing to life. Click on this link to see what I’m talking about –


Then come back to this page for my comments.

The spacesuit example shows an astronaut in a floating state, immediately thrusting you into the mood. The picture presents nineteen points of geography on the suit, adding these options of specific detail  to use in your story. These terms open ideas you may not have thought of to lend realism to your scene.  

For instance, I would not have known the following item to even look it up for description only. Yet this pertinent info is supplied as one of the nineteen items on the suit at the Visual Dictionary Online by simply looking up the word spacesuit.

Manned maneuvering unit   Instrument equipped with outlets used to connect various instruments and a propulsion system enabling the astronaut to move around the shuttle.

This is realism.

Experiment with this site. Birth new ideas. Enhance your writing.

Now go for it!

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