Halloween Greetings

049Just Some Photos

By Annette Rey

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Fun   Fun   Fun

Just to make you smile.


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Have a lot of safe fun for Halloween.

Writers, Start with Something Boring

Just Jump In

By Annette Rey

At https://publishingadvisors.wordpress.com/2017/02/24/publishing-advice-column/ it was suggested to start with something boring, write a story about waiting in line and make it interesting. So, I did!

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Cut and Paste has its Limits

Try Really Cutting Your Work (With Scissors)

By Annette Rey

I suppose you have heard of flow-of-thought writing. That is when you write like the wind, putting down your thoughts and making no pauses for corrections.

For me, this works best when I have a subject in mind. Take a word like alcoholism. If you are familiar with that, have family members afflicted, have put on a few hangovers yourself, you can take that subject and roll with it.

Write. Write. Write.

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More Sites for Writers #13

Useful and Rewarding Sites

By Annette Rey

Blog Dictionary   http://blog.dictionary.com/   This site has articles, grammar help, word trends, and quizzes.

Book Life http://booklife.com/   This site is associated with Publisher’s Weekly, an expensive subscription in both digital and paper, but is suggested for serious writers. The site offers writing tips and advice, reviews of your books, and places your book in markets. As with any commitment, you should read the fine print for what is expected of you.

Diffen   http://www.diffen.com/   This site has amazing comparisons boxes, you can plug in any word in one box and another word in the second box, and get a blank vs. blank description. This is very helpful to see relativity between two words of your choice, all in one place.

Ingram Spark http://www.ingramspark.com/   a self-publishing site. I have not used their services, but the site looks worthy to investigate.

Psychology at Wikia   http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Psychology_Wiki   A specialist site for the whole field of psychology. Most writers will need information on personality disorders and other conditions to write realistically about their characters. This site has a search box so you find the information you seek.

Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/   It is very surprising what this site has to offer. The home page lists columns of blogs of articles under categories like Addiction, Aging, Anxiety, etc. You can find a therapist or take tests in five categories. Tests assess your adventurousness, ability to manage anger, problem solving, etc. You can adapt information at this site to round out your characters.

Write at Home   http://blog.writeathome.com/index.php/all-our-free-quizzes/  writing tips, quizzes, spend a little time here  contact@writeathome.com



Book Review of “Radio”

One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces

By Alice H. Green and Peter H. Green

By Annette Rey

I met Peter at a writer’s meeting where he requested I review this biography of his mother’s memories. If you enjoy peeking in on the daily lives of a family from the 1910s to the 1980s, you will enjoy reading this biography of Peter’s mother, Alice.

The book is titled Radio, One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces because the invention of the radio was integral to Alice’s adult life and radio altered American society. Chapter 15 begins this part of the story when her husband, Ben, became an adman for an advertising agency closely associated with radio networks. When war in Europe erupted, WWII resulted. American families kept abreast of war events by listening to the new medium and President Roosevelt’s broadcasts.

But the book starts when Alice was a child. She recalls her mother and father in a generous and kindly tone, and though there were differences between them, none were earth-shaking or divisive. This could be because Alice tended to be a compliant child. These years are written in picturesque speech and give an insight into an era unfamiliar to us today. Images of stoking the home’s coal stove, to the coolness of their root cellar, to the smell of baked bread twice a week, to the planting of their own garden, to the streets being cleaned by a mustachioed man wielding a push broom, to the horse drawn milk cart – nothing is like it is today – except for the inter-relationships of family, and Alice’s parents who didn’t quite understand the adolescent mind and the gap that naturally forms between generations.

The story progresses, as you would expect, through her youth and courtship, wedded life and parenthood. She also was a writer who experienced professional rejection letters. During WWII, her husband enlisted in the Marines and was eventually shipped to the South Pacific and though he wrote home frequently, she garnered as much war information as she could from radio broadcasts.

I won’t tell you more; you wouldn’t be inspired to read it if you knew all the details ahead of time. So I’ll keep some of it for you to discover. It’s an informative read of the experiences of a resourceful and patient woman and of how circumstances influenced her life. As you read it, remember, you are reading it in retrospect. You already know how the world evolved over those decades. She was in the position of living those years and did not know how things would turn out. As you read, think of yourself today. You don’t know how present days will develop for you.

Keep those two perspectives in mind as you read this pleasant story. I think it will be an enjoyable experience for you as you travel through the decades.





Writers Need Writers

By Annette Rey

Lonely Tower Dwellers Get Boring

Most writers would be happy sitting in a lonely tower, watching life passing by below their only contact with the outside world. They dream of a world where creativity is the only currency, where the necessity of promotion, advertising, cover art, synopses, queries, and other thieves of time do not exist.

But, even Thoreau had to mix with society to achieve publication. And so, we must do the same.

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