More Sites for Writers #13

Useful and Rewarding Sites

By Annette Rey

Blog Dictionary   This site has articles, grammar help, word trends, and quizzes.

Book Life   This site is associated with Publisher’s Weekly, an expensive subscription in both digital and paper, but is suggested for serious writers. The site offers writing tips and advice, reviews of your books, and places your book in markets. As with any commitment, you should read the fine print for what is expected of you.

Diffen   This site has amazing comparisons boxes, you can plug in any word in one box and another word in the second box, and get a blank vs. blank description. This is very helpful to see relativity between two words of your choice, all in one place.

Ingram Spark   a self-publishing site. I have not used their services, but the site looks worthy to investigate.

Psychology at Wikia   A specialist site for the whole field of psychology. Most writers will need information on personality disorders and other conditions to write realistically about their characters. This site has a search box so you find the information you seek.

Psychology Today   It is very surprising what this site has to offer. The home page lists columns of blogs of articles under categories like Addiction, Aging, Anxiety, etc. You can find a therapist or take tests in five categories. Tests assess your adventurousness, ability to manage anger, problem solving, etc. You can adapt information at this site to round out your characters.

Write at Home  writing tips, quizzes, spend a little time here



2 thoughts on “More Sites for Writers #13

  1. Thank you for this Annette. I just spent too much time (I’m at work right now!) browsing through and some quizzes on writeathome. At least the weekend is coming up and I can browse at my leisure 🙂


    • You can use writing sites to increase your knowledge and skills, but you can also use them as sources for ideas to write your own posts – a double reward. Learning anything expands our mental horizons for writing if we just think around the corners.


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