Your Local Public Library


A Writers’ Need

By Annette Rey

Did You Know…?

A writer’s information resource often overlooked is your public library.

The library is not just about books anymore?

Your library is equipped with a check-out system you can access from your home computer. Isn’t that great when you are snowed in? That feature is a real plus for writers who don’t want to leave their lair. And what about the money you save when you don’t have to purchase a necessary product?

Let’s crack the surface and see all the things your library has to offer.

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Four Ways to Cut Your Writing Expenses

$    Okay. How many writers out there are spending way over their budgets on writing craft books, pretty ink pens, highlighters, folders, notebooks, copy paper and the next gadget being hyped as a just-must-have? Sure, many of these items (and more) can be needed for a writer’s life. But, a beginning writer has more money going out than coming in. How can we spend a bit less, yet gather what we need to produce good work? Some of the following ideas are simple common sense, even mundane suggestions, but worth mentioning.

$   $   $   $   $   $

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