Conduct First-Hand Research for Writing Inspiration

Places to Experience and Enjoy

By Annette Rey

My last post suggested you break the monotony in your life and get out of your house to collect new experiences and material about which to write. You can take this new knowledge and adapt it to a fiction piece, poetry, haiku, or create an article about the experience that you may query a magazine to publish.

I promised in my next post to list opportunities, many of them free, that may also be available in your area. You will be surprised at the variety of offerings that can get your writing juices flowing.

Here is the info.

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Challenge to Writers: Jump Into a Blissful Research Break

Boy, Have I Been Having Fun!

By Annette Rey

Any time away from your daily grind job is fun, right? Well, I have been recently blessed with a relief in my workload. I am spending that time enrolling in free, educational, one-day events around town (at colleges, nature centers, libraries, and churches)*.

These are marvelous opportunities for writers. Waves of new information enter your head and the creativity part of your brain lights up. I will be sharing these experiences with you, encouraging you to search out the same types of opportunities in your part of the world. You will be amazed at what is out there to stoke your writer’s imagination to help you break through anything you may think is writer’s block.

Take a look.

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What Person Has Most Influenced Your Life?

For the Good or for the Bad

By Annette Rey

Here is a dynamic exercise for you to investigate your own life, like examining the growth rings of a tree. Delve deeply into your psyche and your memory and answer the following fifteen questions. You will discover new things about yourself, a significant person that has profoundly affected you, and your past. This may take some courage to complete. Do you dare?

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Picture Prompts for Writers

By Annette Rey

Here are some visuals to inspire a short story, a poem, a flash fiction. Be creative. Dream. Write.


Do you know where you are?

Are you driving alone?

Is someone you don’t know driving the car?


Sunny, but sinister? Are your spider senses tingling?


What goes on inside? Does a cult meet here? Is a psychopath holding hostages and no one on the outside knows it yet?

What is this man pointing to? What is in his pouch?


Are you filled with sympathy? What thoughts do you have about how vulnerable he is on the city streets? Could he be your new protagonist?




You are locked inside a store with an angry bear!

How do you outsmart him…or not?



Is this a story about the past? What did this tree witness? What role did it play in the lives of many? Who is mourning its passing? Who was the violent agent who brought down such a monument to life?

Write the stories you feel and see in these images.

Just write!

The world is waiting to hear your song.


Baseballs, Beach Balls, and Sex

Look, Think, Write

By Annette Rey

Writer’s block? Okay, we’ve been over this before.

Step One: Look around your room.
Step Two: What do you see?
Step Three: Name it out loud.
Step Four: What thoughts are conjured by those words?
Step Five: Write about it.

It really is that simple.

Why? Because you are a creative writer, that’s why. Believe in yourself.

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You Can’t Get Anywhere Without a Plan

Break That Block!

By Annette Rey

Writers’ block bothering you? Stop the excuses. Stop the helter-skelter approach you may have to your writing.

It is key to HAVE A PLAN.

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Spiders, Crawlers, and Bots, Oh My!

Write These Into Your Work

By Annette Rey

We live in an exciting day – so much fodder out there to add to our writing pieces. We are only limited by our imaginations.

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Writing a Volcano Eruption Scene

Kilauea in the News

By Annette Rey

Exciting action scenes capture the interest of readers. Kilauea is currently very active and aside from the human tragedy, as writers you may want to pay attention to this subject and practice writing these real life events. Eventually, you may elaborate upon them and include these pieces in a future work.

You can experiment writing about this from different points of view.

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Three Creative Challenges

When You’re Stumped, Don’t Quit

By Annette Rey

I believe when writers feel stagnant they are giving up just before the next step they should take. Inventive exercises with words can make the light bulb flash in a writer’s head like a Broadway show neon marquee. Take that next step and see what can happen for you.

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Beating Writer’s Block, Again!


By Annette Rey

There are lots of writing prompts out there and most are good ideas if you follow up on them. They range from one word, one picture, to a sentence, or a paragraph in length. If you are having trouble getting started, here is a type of hint that gives information without restriction. It should provide you with a bit more wriggle room to begin a story.

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