Exercise Your Pen

Practice Results in Unblocking

By Annette Rey

I tell you writer’s block is an imagination. It’s not real. It has no substance. If you open your mind to such thinking, you will follow advice, go along, and see unblocking results in your own work. I promote doing writing exercises. Once you do them, you will find blocking either goes away in your life or can never exist as long as you keep your pen moving.

In that vein, I am practicing what I preach.

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Writers – From Blank Screen to Story

Unblocking Exercise – Word Trains


By Annette Rey


Are you short on ideas? How do you inspire ideas? Try this.


My technique is simple. Pick words. It’s sort of the old psychiatric test, free association. Say the first word that comes to your mind when you hear another word. It is my contention, the human brain cannot stop thinking. One word inspires the birth of another.  

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Writer’s Encouragement

Believe. Work. Believe.

By Annette Rey

I believe there is no such thing as writer’s block. Your thoughts can drive you forward or be self-limiting. Whatever you tell yourself, you believe. Think a moment about that statement.

Believing is mental action that energizes, it is a power unto itself. It is the first step to taking physical action. Believe there are no limits. Open your mind.

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Some Influences on Your Writing

Environment and Your Mood

By Annette Rey

Have you noticed the emotional effect that varying environments produce on your mood? When I view luscious environments in the background on television shows, I am aware of the feelings those scenes evoke in me.

As a help to enrich your writing, begin to focus on emotional changes inside you related to environment. Think more introspectively about your feelings. Put these feelings into words.

Let’s look at some ways to accomplish this. 

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Breaking Writer’s Block

Subject Search

By Annette Rey

Are you having trouble finding  a subject about which to write? I have found that odd subjects are alluring to many readers. People are curious. Many are seekers. A lot of them are ravenous readers and read package ingredients, posters, and billboards. They are hungry for information and they wish to escape their realities. So don’t think you won’t please an audience if you write on subjects out of the ordinary.

Who doesn’t squirm when a hairy spider is described? Yet, like people who watch ghost stories or sensational news clips, their eyes peer between the fingers covering their face, so as not to miss a thrilling moment.

Let’s talk about roaches.

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Four Points for Struggling Spirits of Struggling Writers

Periodically do you ask yourself, “Will anyone be interested in this that I am writing?”, “Will this sell?”, “Do I have what it takes?”

Most struggling writers have self-doubts, give up from time to time, or throw in their pen completely until their inner muse draws them back, sometimes almost against their will.

But for those times when you are at the crossroads of doubt, or feel simply out of steam, consider following the next four points.

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Four Ways to Live Your Writing

What do I mean by Live Your Writing? Let me start with an opposite explanation. If you treat your writing as just beginning when you sit down to type, then you are not living your writing. If your writing is an afterthought of your day, an isolated concentration separate from your daily events, then you are not living your writing. The following four suggestions will help you find ways to incorporate your writing into your life when your fingers are not holding a pen or tapping keys.

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