Baseballs, Beach Balls, and Sex

Look, Think, Write

By Annette Rey

Writer’s block? Okay, we’ve been over this before.

Step One: Look around your room.
Step Two: What do you see?
Step Three: Name it out loud.
Step Four: What thoughts are conjured by those words?
Step Five: Write about it.

It really is that simple.

Why? Because you are a creative writer, that’s why. Believe in yourself.

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Writer’s Thought for Today

Quote and a Little Fun

By Annette Rey

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin

And just a little side note – have a laugh at this.

Very funny phonetic audio spelling using talk/text:

How Maside

What do you think that is saying?

Maybe you could use that in a story!

Keep writing.

You Can’t Get Anywhere Without a Plan

Break That Block!

By Annette Rey

Writers’ block bothering you? Stop the excuses. Stop the helter-skelter approach you may have to your writing.

It is key to HAVE A PLAN.

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Challenge – Write a Poem

Not a Poet? No Matter

By Annette Rey

You know writers need to experiment and get out of their comfort zones sometimes, right? Well, what better than to dabble in poetry?

I have done this and it opens another part of my brain. The words just sort of flow. Don’t try to be great at it. Just enjoy.

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Writers – From Blank Screen to Story

Unblocking Exercise – Word Trains


By Annette Rey


Are you short on ideas? How do you inspire ideas? Try this.


My technique is simple. Pick words. It’s sort of the old psychiatric test, free association. Say the first word that comes to your mind when you hear another word. It is my contention, the human brain cannot stop thinking. One word inspires the birth of another.  

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Breaking Writer’s Block

Subject Search

By Annette Rey

Are you having trouble finding  a subject about which to write? I have found that odd subjects are alluring to many readers. People are curious. Many are seekers. A lot of them are ravenous readers and read package ingredients, posters, and billboards. They are hungry for information and they wish to escape their realities. So don’t think you won’t please an audience if you write on subjects out of the ordinary.

Who doesn’t squirm when a hairy spider is described? Yet, like people who watch ghost stories or sensational news clips, their eyes peer between the fingers covering their face, so as not to miss a thrilling moment.

Let’s talk about roaches.

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