Picture Prompts for Writers

By Annette Rey

Here are some visuals to inspire a short story, a poem, a flash fiction. Be creative. Dream. Write.


Do you know where you are?

Are you driving alone?

Is someone you don’t know driving the car?


Sunny, but sinister? Are your spider senses tingling?


What goes on inside? Does a cult meet here? Is a psychopath holding hostages and no one on the outside knows it yet?

What is this man pointing to? What is in his pouch?


Are you filled with sympathy? What thoughts do you have about how vulnerable he is on the city streets? Could he be your new protagonist?




You are locked inside a store with an angry bear!

How do you outsmart him…or not?



Is this a story about the past? What did this tree witness? What role did it play in the lives of many? Who is mourning its passing? Who was the violent agent who brought down such a monument to life?

Write the stories you feel and see in these images.

Just write!

The world is waiting to hear your song.


You Can’t Get Anywhere Without a Plan

Break That Block!

By Annette Rey

Writers’ block bothering you? Stop the excuses. Stop the helter-skelter approach you may have to your writing.

It is key to HAVE A PLAN.

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Unusual Writing Prompt #1

For Flash Fiction or Short Story

By Annette Rey

I’m starting a new series of posts based on breaking writer’s block with exercises using an unusual approach.

Do you need a quick-start writing idea that is unusual and challenging? You can make this exercise as involved and as long as you like. Or you can hover around the idea and write a short flash fiction.

Here’s how to begin:

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Beating Writer’s Block, Again!


By Annette Rey

There are lots of writing prompts out there and most are good ideas if you follow up on them. They range from one word, one picture, to a sentence, or a paragraph in length. If you are having trouble getting started, here is a type of hint that gives information without restriction. It should provide you with a bit more wriggle room to begin a story.

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Fun with Flash Fiction

Writer’s Challenge

By Annette Rey

Writers have to master the English language, the rules of composition, grammar, and punctuation just to translate their ideas to the page. But that’s not enough. They have to learn how to write queries, and do the footwork to find to whom to send them. They have to build a recognizable platform, and spend the time getting their name out there on Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets. Additionally, they must seek out legal information on copyright, copyright infringement, contract terms, and even how much to charge for freelance work. And this is not an exhaustive list.

So when does the writer have some fun with his craft?

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