You Can’t Get Anywhere Without a Plan

Break That Block!

By Annette Rey

Writers’ block bothering you? Stop the excuses. Stop the helter-skelter approach you may have to your writing.

It is key to HAVE A PLAN.

Begin with the following example plan.


  • limit them to 50 words

Looking from a retrospective view at a bundle of material you wrote a year ago, brings a whole new way of thinking about what you wrote and can be the catalyst to creating new material.

And think of what you could do with a collection of over 300 flashes at the end of a year. You could:

    1. create an eBook of your finest pieces
    2. build short stories from them
    3. submit an article based on one of your flashes
    4. enter contests

This is an easy and short way to become a prolific writer.

Or create your own Plan!




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