Residence or Residency?

A Short Clarification

By Annette Rey

These situations come up and it is good to take a look at them. You can develop a pattern of correct word usage by being in the habit of learning the correct word origin to work from.

On the television, I heard this being said, “We maintain separate residencies.” The word choice used is the plural of the noun residency. That is not the correct derivation in this case.

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A Gentle Thought for Your Day

Puddle Birds

By Annette Rey

It’s a 97 degree day. I’m waiting at a stoplight, just exiting a superhighway. Stressed, I look to the side and see a few stray birds hopping with fervor, drinking and splashing in a small puddle of water as they ignore the horrors of man’s creations surrounding them – fumes, noise, unnatural cement surfaces, an emotionless, colorless hell. This single oasis was formed by a gash in the dry soil from the tracks of a destructive construction machine. The birds’ antics cheer me up. I am glad for them. I, like they, are thankful for little things.

Woe to the Careless Writer

Vocabulary is Important!

By Annette Rey

Language does evolve and we should be thankful for that – to a point. I mean, we aren’t burdened with having to say “Dost thou desire a respite before partaking dinner?” We just say, “Wanna take a nap?”

But in this modern age where almost everyone has a keyboard, and they are using them, their writing should reflect some competence with the language.

I give you this example that recently showed up on social media.

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Castle Rapture~

This is not only a beautiful site, but extremely important to share with others – reblog on your site, too.

Cindy Knoke

Near Haut-Koenigsbourg in France is a castle called Kintzheim that houses only raptors.

These are bateleur eagles that I photographed in the wild in Africa and never expected to see again in France!

Of course you recognize these beauties, who I also never expected to see in France.

The castle runs a program called “La Volerie des Aigles,” which is dedicated to breeding, conserving and educating the public about vulnerable raptors. Birds are flown daily, and are an unusual sight soaring over the old towns and orderly fields of France. The castle has bred many endangered raptor species including Andean condors, and stellar, imperial and white-tailed eagles, and many other species, including vultures.

The white-headed vulture is endemic to Africa. Populations have been declining steeply in recent years due to habitat degradation and poisoning. Our planet needs vultures, they are designed to keep our world clean.

The cinereous vulture has…

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Less and Fewer

The Easy Explanation

By Annette Rey

I believe grammar is made too difficult to understand so risking condemnation from the wordy grammar ghouls out there, here is the shortcut to understanding when to use less and when to use fewer.

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Writers Using English

Refresh and Recheck Your English Skills

By Annette Rey

English and non-English first language speakers, listen up! The site mentioned below may be one of the most useful you will find to help you improve your speaking and writing of English. It will also increase your understanding of English. Understanding the core of a subject is when the light bulb shines in your brain and makes learning the rest of the material easier.

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Writing Figurative Language

It Can Really Grab Attention

By Annette Rey

I came across a fabulous example of figurative language. It really caught my imagination and drew an enticing picture in my mind. But figurative language also wakes up some deeper emotion in my being. This is something you would like your readers to find in themselves as they read your writing. Your work and author name will be unforgettable if you flower your work with words that make your readers think.

Let’s have a look at the sentence I wish I had said.

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Writing Honestly

Be the Real You When You Write

By Annette Rey

Supposedly Benjamin’s Franklin’s father told him, “Nothing is useful that is not honest.” I think that is a great way to start this post.

We writers need to be honest when we write.

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Challenge – Write a Poem

Not a Poet? No Matter

By Annette Rey

You know writers need to experiment and get out of their comfort zones sometimes, right? Well, what better than to dabble in poetry?

I have done this and it opens another part of my brain. The words just sort of flow. Don’t try to be great at it. Just enjoy.

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