Writers Using English

Refresh and Recheck Your English Skills

By Annette Rey

English and non-English first language speakers, listen up! The site mentioned below may be one of the most useful you will find to help you improve your speaking and writing of English. It will also increase your understanding of English. Understanding the core of a subject is when the light bulb shines in your brain and makes learning the rest of the material easier.

The site is: 


The home page has six categories – Tests & Quizzes, English Reference, For Teachers, Articles, Forums, Tools & Resources. Each has subcategories. Clicking on any of those leads you to hundreds of valuable learning opportunities.

For instance, under Tests & Quizzes, click on English Quizzes. That leads you to a page of at least one hundred other choices. Under Beginner English Quizzes are subcategories like Adjective or Adverb?, Adjectives – Positive & Negative, Adverbs with 2 Forms, Adverbs – Position in Sentence, All & Every…and over a dozen more. There are over sixty other categories with dozens of subcategories beneath those sixty.

Keep in mind, this is what is included under the Tests & Quizzes choice alone on the home page. The wealth of information available here is not to be ignored.

Even seasoned writers should go through the quizzes from Beginner through Intermediate. Once you see the Quizzes page, you will discover lots of material that will make your later writing less labor intensive. And admit it, writing is an act of labor as well as of love. The more you know, the less you will labor over the construction of your piece.

Examples of important subcategories are: Elder & Older, Fewer & Less, Both, Either, & Neither, Where or Which?, In, On & At…

The site is fun to use, the material is presented in a straight-forward way, and don’t stress over the quizzes. This is a place to learn and enrich your writing.

Keep record of the site, add it to your favorites, and reference it often.

Most of all, just enjoy it.






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