A Dozen Terms Writers Should Know

A Writer’s Glossary

By Annette Rey

Following is a partial list that will grow over time on this site:

CreateSpace – an Amazon company which produces print books (pod print on demand)

.docx – document versions 2007 and newer, not supported by Smashwords

elevator pitch – 50 words to sell your book to someone in an elevator

epub = electronic publication – ePub is the “open standard” format for e-books, used across the widest number of devices (Nook, iBooks, and more), but not supported by Amazon’s Kindle

freeloads – free downloads of books, usually through the Kindle Select program

KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing, the Amazon platform for self-publishing eBooks

LS – Lightning Source, a platform for self-publishing print books

Lulu – a platform for self-publishing print books

MC – main character

Ms – manuscript

Mss – manuscripts

Smashwords – an e-book distribution platform