A Gentle Thought for Your Day

Puddle Birds

By Annette Rey

It’s a 97 degree day. I’m waiting at a stoplight, just exiting a superhighway. Stressed, I look to the side and see a few stray birds hopping with fervor, drinking and splashing in a small puddle of water as they ignore the horrors of man’s creations surrounding them – fumes, noise, unnatural cement surfaces, an emotionless, colorless hell. This single oasis was formed by a gash in the dry soil from the tracks of a destructive construction machine. The birds’ antics cheer me up. I am glad for them. I, like they, are thankful for little things.


Writing Honestly

Be the Real You When You Write

By Annette Rey

Supposedly Benjamin’s Franklin’s father told him, “Nothing is useful that is not honest.” I think that is a great way to start this post.

We writers need to be honest when we write.

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Alice’s Anniversary

A Real Hoot

By Annette Rey

Who is thinking of November when it’s just September? Writers are. Good literature doesn’t have a “read-by” date. This coming November 26th is the 152nd anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Yay! Hooray!

It might be time to get the old tomes out and read them again. You don’t have to be a child to appreciate good story telling. And what a day we live in to escape to a Wonderland, huh?

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Always a Writer

No Matter Where I Am

By Annette Rey

The other day I got an unexpected break and had a couple of hours on my hands – quite an unusual treat. Because I never can just drop everything and do what I imagine the average person does (have fun), I made two business stops first. Then I took time for myself.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. I felt light and airy, too. Where did I go?

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Dissatisfied Writers Living Conflicted Lives, Part I

Self Matters by Dr. Phil McGraw – NOT a book review

By Annette Rey

If you don’t like Dr. Phil, and it’s my experience people either love him or hate him, don’t stop reading. If you are a writer, these comments can help you.

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Inspiration from Other Writers

Birth of a Blog Post

By Annette Rey

Recently I have been talking with a writer who is very visually oriented, and who told me much of his writing is inspired from looking at pictures. He contemplates a photograph or art and begins writing about what he sees. His goal is to help his reader see what he sees.

The visual aspect of writing inspired me to present this post. I hope you value and enjoy it. Perhaps these images will inspire a writing idea in you.