Inspiration from Other Writers

Birth of a Blog Post

By Annette Rey

Recently I have been talking with a writer who is very visually oriented, and who told me much of his writing is inspired from looking at pictures. He contemplates a photograph or art and begins writing about what he sees. His goal is to help his reader see what he sees.

The visual aspect of writing inspired me to present this post. I hope you value and enjoy it. Perhaps these images will inspire a writing idea in you.




Writing About Interesting People

Whom You Meet

By Annette Rey

We meet people everyday and usually take little notice, and we certainly don’t engage in extended conversation with strangers. That’s too bad because we miss good opportunities to study the differences between people, and to discover things about them we can’t read from the surface.

Because I stepped over into another person’s world, today presented fodder for my writing. I remind you, as writers, to do the same.

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Bias Against Elder Writers

By Annette Rey

It is my hope the playing field is level for all women writers, but I fear that hope is still unrealized in today’s world. I recently read a post of outright bias against older women seen at writers’ conferences, calling them “sixty-plus someones.” The condemning writer disparaged the elders’ clothing style, feeling the style is somehow attached to the elders’ lack of love of writing and lack of desire to improve their craft.

In commenting on the clothing, the writer was impertinent enough to say, “I mean really!”

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A Fifteen-Minute Memoir

If Stuck, Start Here

By Annette Rey

This exercise can go anywhere each individual writer can take it. Make an effort to be accurate and include high points (and low points) you’d like a reader to know.

The result can be a start to a longer memoir piece.

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