On Life and Dying and Writing

By Annette Rey

Seek and Find

I took a summer hiatus from this blog, but not from life. A patient has terminal cancer and I have been helping him to confront end of life issues. So forgive me for my absence.

On to the reason for this blog – to support writers on their journey to more knowledge and better writing. Let’s begin.

To me, writer’s block is a non-issue. I get criticism for this view, yet I do understand how writers can hit a log jam. For me, this doesn’t happen for lack of ideas, but comes from an emotional stagnation. Finding the drive to go on seems to be the critical point in getting back to tapping the keyboard.

While in that dry zone, keep looking for inspiration. Write down ideas and don’t worry about filling them in completely. Write down interesting quotes and facts from any story you are reading, or any nature program you watch, or any poignant scene in a movie that passes by your eye. If you do this activity, you are actually writing. You are planting avenues into your subconscious that you can pursue later when your inspiration returns.

I came across one of the most interesting (and anonymous) quotes that should strike any writer deep into his psyche and I want to share it with you in closing this post.

“We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there, too.”

Someone writes those books. Feed your brain. Inspiration will not be far behind.

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