Searching for Great Characters

By Annette Rey

A Research Book

I often direct writers to unusual resources to find real-life personality flaws to apply to their character creations. Your readers will relate to these more believable characters because they are sure to have met someone like them at some time in their lives.

Life Code by Dr. Phil is one of those resources.

This book is a fabulous source of information on nefarious tactics used by the less-than-honorable people that walk amongst us. Dr. Phil introduces his reader to users, abusers, liars, and exploiters that, without conscience, steal spouses and money and security from their targets. He paints vivid pictures of their behaviors and how the unsuspecting unknowingly trust these people and fall into their traps.

Dr. Phil also teaches his readers how to recognize these offenders before they get hoodwinked, thus saving many a person’s marriage, finances, and safety.

This book is a teaching manual, not only for those who want to learn how to not become a victim, but for writers it is a goldmine of instruction for creating full-figured characters and not boring, flat, paper tigers.

It is also a guide book to give parents strategic steps to follow to counteract bullies that threaten their children. If you are a parent, this reason should be all you need to read this book.

Give this chock-full book a real read. You will reap great character-writing insight and, on the way, learn how to stymie these real-life bad actors in their treacherous tracks.

Be a winner in your writing and in your daily life.

Learn. Focus. Write.

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