Three Points to Write Focused Blog Posts

Avoid Wandering Distractions

By Annette Rey

So many blog posts have so much to say. And that can be a problem. The writer has a good point he wants to make, he has the information behind him to add to the post, and he uses the right words and punctuation to convey his thoughts.

So what’s wrong with the piece? Let’s take a look.

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A Writer’s Woes

Targets, Goals, and Scheduling

By Annette Rey

I’m always pressed for time. How about you?

Most writers have a real life they must live before they can nurture their writer’s life. And the tasks required to engage in their writing life are many and demanding. How do we find a workable slot in which to fit these tasks?

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Quiet Observation is a Writer’s Tool

Conversation Is Story.

By Annette Rey

Are you – short on ideas – stumped on character development – unable to complete dialogue – at a loss on detailing scene? Answers for these areas are a car trip away.

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A Reference Book Suggestion

A Useful Tool

By Annette Rey

A book I support for writers and for just any person who wants to increase their vocabulary is: The Penquin Rhyming Dictionary. On first glance, a person who is not a poet might think this book has no use for them. But this is a great source for expanding your knowledge of words.

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Helpful Reference Books for Writers

Who’s (oops) Whose Grammar Book Is This Anyway? by C. Edward Good

The Big Ten of Grammar by William B. Bradshaw, PhD

Woe is I by Patricia T. O’Conner

The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White

The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing by Thomas S. Kane

Punctuation, Plain and Simple by Edgar C. Alward and Jean A. Alward

Prentice Hall Reference Guide by Muriel Harris

Getting the Words Right, How to Rewrite, Edit, and Revise by Theodore A. Rees Cheney


One Dozen Reasons Why Writers Need to “Carry That Camera!”

The Camera, A Compulsory Tool

By Annette Rey

Do you need to add dimension to your writing? Is your writing lacking color? Do you feel it needs enrichment? Is your brain a little blank when you are searching for the right word to describe something? Do you have copyright fears about using internet pictures?

Can such a simple solution as carrying (and using) a camera really be the answer to resolve some of your concerns? Follow through on the dozen reasons below. You won’t be sorry you did.

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Your Living Body of Work

By Annette Rey

Let’s call the piece you are constructing a living body of work and think in those terms, a whole unit composed of dependencies and interconnections and interactions.

Body of work = the whole piece

Living body of work = one piece, breathing, experiencing, projecting, inviting, moving

But it can’t function without its parts which are listed in the analogies that follow:

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