Improv Writing

How It Works

By Annette Rey

There are many techniques a writer can use to get himself going, to break the block. I have experimented with improvisational writing and find it to be very effective in getting my mind racing forward and my fingers flying on the keyboard.

This is an easy and casual exercise to perfect.

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What to Write?

So I Looked in a Book

By Annette Rey

Where do you get inspiration when a day seems dry and auto-repeating? I looked in a book for a cue, Great Toasts, by Andrew Frothingham. I found this inspiring quote by Oscar Wilde,

“Work is the curse of the drinking class.”

What writing ideas do you pull from that?

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Writers Should Read

The Classics

By Annette Rey

You probably have seen the movies made from these great works written over a century ago  – Sleepy Hollow (1819) by Washington Irving, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (1886) by Robert L. Stevenson, The Cask of Amontillado (1846) by Edgar A. Poe and many more.

We are so spoiled! I mean, we live in this fast-paced society and movies are faster to digest than the time it takes to read the original novel. So movies do perform a service. They save us time.

But, has that spoiling done us some harm?

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New Found Site for Writers

This One is a Gem

By Annette Rey

This site came to me out of frustration because I am reading the annotated version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and it’s taking me forever!

So I was curious and wanted to know how many words are in this novel.

Look at what I discovered.

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A Writer’s Calling Card

It’s Not What You Think

By Annette Rey

As writers, we are always looking for inspiration for a new slant on old ideas, for freshness inside ourselves. It’s fine to write gloom and thunder and broken hearts but I think all writers need UP messages and a cheerful attitude to draw them in, to begin their journey into expressing their voice on the printed page.

So we need a calling card, something that calls US into the act of writing. Let’s look at UP calls and see where that brings us.

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Writers Who Learn Better Visually Need…

By Annette Rey

I have always been about helping writers to break their block and to help them improve their craft. And so, one of the goals of Writers Block No More is to guide writers to sites from which they can grow new writing projects.

Writers are people. Duh! And all of us are different and have different abilities. Some people learn better from visual images, others audio, others tactile (uh oh, keep an extra eye on them. LOL).

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Writers with Little Time Need…

Big Inspiration

By Annette Rey

Do you have lots to say and no time to say it? Ugh. Though this can be a deliberate avoidance excuse for procrastinating on your writing, this sometimes can be a truly legitimate claim.

I have been dealing with this lack of time yet I am brimming with writing ideas I want to share with other writers.

One sprightly idea is…

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Writer’s Rule Number Three

Improve Your Vocabulary

By Annette Rey

These rules are basic to our very existence as writers and you may tend to ignore them. But any flower needs water to blossom, to grow to its full potential, to bring its beauty to the world.

Your brain needs the type of food to expand your writing skills and the basic blocks that build a sentence are words. The more words you know (and their definitions) the more beautiful the sentences you can build. Like a flower in its bloom, your writing should captivate and enthrall, capture and entertain, charm and enchant your readers.

Let’s look at a plan to be intentional in improving your vocabulary.

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Writer’s Rule Number Two

Study Grammar

By Annette Rey

Yuk! Grammar?

Spend time learning grammar? I can hear the comments. What? As if I have time for that!

Do not think that the study of grammar is boring or unnecessary and do not postpone this study for your editor to correct for you.

As a writer, you should be proud to master your language.

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Writer’s Rule Number One

No Excuse for Writer’s Block

by Annette Rey

If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.  Stephen King


Never An Empty Brain!

Number one rule for writers is: Never Stop Reading.

I briefly covered this in my post of November 1, 2020. As stated, reading is a writer’s food that builds a healthy brain, adds to his education, supplies inspiration, and enables him to glean new ideas to produce his own new writing projects.

But there is more reason to read than that…

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