A Writer’s Message to Her Readers

Hiatus Explanation

By Annette Rey

I have not been writing for a number of weeks because I have been grieving the loss of my brother. Clichés come to mind like: the event has taken the wind from my sails, down and out, and better to have loved and lost… We are warned as writers to avoid clichés, but sometimes they fill the bill; they have given me the opening I needed to begin writing again.

Writing, for me, is a personal therapy. Writing is an escape from my feelings and does not require I spend money on advice, or gasoline, or waste time driving to and from such errands. Any therapist will tell you two methods for coping with life’s sorrows are: find an activity to redirect your energy and then channel that energy into an activity that is meaningful to you.

For weeks I felt a disturbance in the force and was enervated. I told myself my brother would want me to heal, to find strength, and to write. But I also know, all things take time so I was patient with myself and did not force words to the page.

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Collaborate vs. Corroborate

Another Television Error #6

By Annette Rey

These words are more commonly misused than I like to think and have been brought to mind by another example – this is number six – of improper choice of word on a real crime television program. Albeit the incorrect word was chosen by a person being interviewed and not by the programming staff, still I am amazed the staff did not stop taping and did not perfect their broadcast.

Let’s look at these words.

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My Reading List

I am re-posting this book list from https://glendasglobe.com/2017/04/11/my-reading-list/comment-page-1/#comment-110. These look like really great books to help us grow, as people and as writers.

Glenda's Globe

Since I love reading other people’s lists of favourite books, here are a few of mine. I’m not sure how much time I’ll dedicate to this post but for now I’ll start small:

Healing and Self-Empowerment

One book I absolutely love is:

In Sheep's ClothingIn Sheep’s Clothing, by Dr. George Simon.

This is the book that explained in eye-popping, specific detail how narcissists act and how much of current psychology just doesn’t get it. Narcissists often act the way they do simply because they choose to do so, not because of their upbringing or some deep inner insecurity. I was gob-smacked when I read each characteristic of an immediate family member’s behaviour so clearly explained – I thought Dr. Simon possibly knew him.

Character Disturbance - Dr. George SimonAlso by Dr. Simon (no photo, since it’s on my e-reader), is Character Disturbance, the Phenomenon of Our Age. I was more prepared for this one so didn’t suffer the…

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Compliment vs. Complement


There Is a Difference

By Annette Rey

Avoid an embarrassing mistake. Make the right choice for the meaning you want to convey.

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Writing About Interesting People

Whom You Meet

By Annette Rey

We meet people everyday and usually take little notice, and we certainly don’t engage in extended conversation with strangers. That’s too bad because we miss good opportunities to study the differences between people, and to discover things about them we can’t read from the surface.

Because I stepped over into another person’s world, today presented fodder for my writing. I remind you, as writers, to do the same.

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Role-play Writing

Go Deep

By Annette Rey

Looking for prompts? Looking to unlock the writing vault in your brain? Take a subject like ancient mariners. Then, research, role-play, and write.

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Sometimes, Just Enjoy Words

Reading Should be Fun

By Annette Rey

I wrote a post on creating imaginative words and plugging them into your writing. In the process, I mentioned Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky where the author did just that. To treat myself again to that frabulous writing, I read the poem online. Besides loving it all over again, what else I found sort of disturbed me.

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