Life Gets in the Way

Read and Write

By Annette Rey

Hi, world,

My apology to you during this deep winter. I am sorry I have been absent for some months – family issues. As I have said in the past, life often gets in the way of writing.

But, on the upbeat, I am now focusing on my own writing – pursuing paying markets for short stories and essays and, hopefully, working toward my first book. That sentence sounds rather dubious. I have learned to speak specifically – it helps one to achieve goals. So, I correct that sentence by dropping the hopefully and toward and will, “…working on my first book.”

I will post once a week on this site with helpful hints for writers with the desire to give writers that one more little piece of information and encouragement that will help them along their writing path.

Today I pass along this tidbit. I’ve been told to read Thomas H. Cook’s work Red Leaves as a guide to study writing technique. It is a literary crime novel. I have not read this work yet, but that should not stop you from taking this hint and seeing what you can learn from it.

If you do read it, please let me know the discoveries you have made.

Please continue to check in. I will post every Saturday.

The best to all out there who are pursuing this most rewarding craft – writing.


Word of the Week 8/11/2018

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What does a musical instrument, the Big Bang Theory, and a murder mystery TV show have in common ?

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Memories, Fact vs. Emotion

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Your private memories reveal a different kind of truth separate from actual facts. The wallpaper you contemplated as you fell asleep as a child, counting the flowers or countryside images, took on a different reality than what the manufacturers intended.

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