By Annette Rey

I heard you speak emotion,
Beautiful Words I have never spoken,
Or ever dreamed to say.
Your flower blooms.

The things you said
To your lover,
I never said before.
I never felt before.

What passion you feel,
What honesty
And bareness of soul.
You inhale life.

Can I ever learn
Such things to say,
Such things to feel?
I dream to love.








Inspiration from Other Writers

Birth of a Blog Post

By Annette Rey

Recently I have been talking with a writer who is very visually oriented, and who told me much of his writing is inspired from looking at pictures. He contemplates a photograph or art and begins writing about what he sees. His goal is to help his reader see what he sees.

The visual aspect of writing inspired me to present this post. I hope you value and enjoy it. Perhaps these images will inspire a writing idea in you.




Never Say This To a Woman. Ever.

Anne Clare knows how to pair personal experience with advice for writers and makes the presentation interesting. Read on.

The Naptime Author

sweater girl Remy Loz Photo by Remy Loz, courtesy of StockSnap

Most of the anecdotes that come to mind when I consider the importance of knowing one’s audience have to do with pregnancy.

I could tell tales of the highly detailed ‘birth stories’ related to me by more experienced friends when I was still an innocent little unmarried lass. Kindly meant, but talk about terrifying…

I might also tell some of the stories random people would relate once I was obviously expecting: tales of delivery room drama, tragic losses, and parenting woes. Not exactly  topics you want to be thinking about as the “D day” looms.

Of course, after three rounds in the delivery room, these stories have lost any power to shock me. (Now I have my own to tell, ha HA! But I won’t…) Only one still stings. My best anecdote for this post comes from 10 months after my first child was…

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Another Site for Writers

This One May Help

By Annette Rey

Serious writers have to cover all the aspects of getting their work on the page, checking grammar, editing for content and punctuation, finding a venue, marketing their work, and more. And so, any help is appreciated.

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Embarrassing Errors #10

A Written Error

By Annette Rey

The errors I report are genuine examples of misuse of the English language. When I discuss an error, I do not give the source. I do not mention the name of the television program or the name of the celebrity speaking, etc. The point in exposing these errors is to be educational to writers and lovers of the English language. I do not discuss these errors to further embarrass the sources: producers, celebrities, attorneys, and others.

It is in that vein that I present the next error I found in a military document. It shall remain nameless.

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Three Creative Challenges

When You’re Stumped, Don’t Quit

By Annette Rey

I believe when writers feel stagnant they are giving up just before the next step they should take. Inventive exercises with words can make the light bulb flash in a writer’s head like a Broadway show neon marquee. Take that next step and see what can happen for you.

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