Embarrassing Errors #11 and #12

Commercial Finds

By Annette Rey

Okay, so I have two more observations to report of English gone astray. In the first case, an organization needed an editor before it dared embarrass itself and spend its ad dollars this way. And it keeps airing countless times without correction. The second case is a common word misplacement.

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Word of the Week

By Annette Rey

Since I love words, and we writers need to know them, I am creating a new category for my site – Word of the Week. These words will be new, fun, unusual, and sometimes ancient – simply because all words can be useful as we continue down our writing (and reading) road.

Today’s word is:


[eɡˈziɡyo͞oəs, ekˈsiɡyo͞oəs]

Exiguous is an adjective and means very small in size or amount.

His aristocratic family considered him a pauper due to his exiguous funds.

Synonyms are –

meager    inadequate   insufficient   small    scanty    paltry    negligible    modest    deficient       piddling       stingy   miserly   measly  niggardly    beggarly


Exiguousness, noun

Exiguously, adverb







A Typing Trick for Writers

Help For Your Manuscript

By Annette Rey

I said help for your manuscript but, hey, Bloggers, this is for you, too.

I like my written work to look clean, well-thought out, well-planned. I’m a stickler on things both large and small. Are you?

Don’t you hate it when you are typing away and something in the software program is not cooperating with your standards? How do you fix it?

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Spooky Montreal Afternoon

Glenda of Glenda’s Globe is a sincere and sensitive soul. She has unique ways to paint a picture, as this photograph shows and I’d like to share her with my readers.

Glenda's Globe

Maybe the Roswell folks should see this.

I admit, it’s an odd-shaped figure for a space craft, but I don’t know what “normal” is when it comes to alien spaceships.

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Recording Your Memories

Try This Technique

By Annette Rey

For the third time in less than a year, a person close to me has died. This has left me feeling fate knocking at my door. For protection from these outer influences I crawl into my writer’s hole and find memoir to be the perfect subject to contemplate.

Take a peek…

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A Writer’s Lament

Not the Usual Writing Lesson

By Annette Rey

What do I want to say? Will I tell you things you don’t want to hear?

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Appreciate the Master Writers

G. K. Chesterton

By Annette Rey

Who hasn’t heard of The Invisible Man (created by H. G. Wells)? He’s right up there with The Mummy, Dracula, and Frankenstein. He’s part of all the old, original “spook movies”. They existed long before the genre of Horror Movies and Slash Movies, blood for blood’s sake. But we often forget, our original “monsters” were first born in written stories.

I say all of this to introduce you to G. K. Chesterton, who wrote a short Father Brown story he titled The Invisible Man. It’s a strange tale about a type of invisibility and worth reading to examine the writing style. When you can learn to write like he did, Wow!, you’ll be up there with the masters.

Read this marvelous first paragraph from The Invisible Man and learn how to enrapture readers!

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