Writers Should Read

The Classics

By Annette Rey

You probably have seen the movies made from these great works written over a century ago  – Sleepy Hollow (1819) by Washington Irving, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (1886) by Robert L. Stevenson, The Cask of Amontillado (1846) by Edgar A. Poe and many more.

We are so spoiled! I mean, we live in this fast-paced society and movies are faster to digest than the time it takes to read the original novel. So movies do perform a service. They save us time.

But, has that spoiling done us some harm?

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Appreciate the Master Writers

G. K. Chesterton

By Annette Rey

Who hasn’t heard of The Invisible Man (created by H. G. Wells)? He’s right up there with The Mummy, Dracula, and Frankenstein. He’s part of all the old, original “spook movies”. They existed long before the genre of Horror Movies and Slash Movies, blood for blood’s sake. But we often forget, our original “monsters” were first born in written stories.

I say all of this to introduce you to G. K. Chesterton, who wrote a short Father Brown story he titled The Invisible Man. It’s a strange tale about a type of invisibility and worth reading to examine the writing style. When you can learn to write like he did, Wow!, you’ll be up there with the masters.

Read this marvelous first paragraph from The Invisible Man and learn how to enrapture readers!

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