New Found Site for Writers

This One is a Gem

By Annette Rey

This site came to me out of frustration because I am reading the annotated version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and it’s taking me forever!

So I was curious and wanted to know how many words are in this novel.

Look at what I discovered.

Granted, the issue I have is annotated (by Mort Castle) and so will take longer to read. I also occasionally stop and write my thoughts into my journal. But I was surprised at the estimated word count. I thought it would be much higher.

59,000 words

The site I came upon is:

Site features:

  • The site gives the average time it will take for a reader to finish a book.
  • You can take a test to determine your rate of reading, words per minute.
  • A synopsis of the book of your interest is posted.
  • The site refers you to Amazon for more information.
  • Other books of interest are suggested. Which is great. I discovered there is available a complete issue of Frankenstein, a 200-year edition, including both the 1818 and 1831 versions.

This site appears to be for readers but I say it is a site for writers. Here you can research the size of stories in your chosen genre of writing. You can then proceed within those parameters for your own work – or if you are a trailblazer – break the norms. Either way, you will frame your word count goal from an informed perspective.

Exercise your brain to be a versatile thinker. Use sites you come upon from a writer’s point of view.

There is so much writing fodder in our world, there is no excuse for writer’s block.

So unblock. Go write.

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