A Mystery Lover’s Gift

Just in Time for Christmas

By Annette Rey

I found the perfect gift for the mystery lover in your life.

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Writers, Go to Your Library

Six Reasons to Digitally Connect to Your Local Library

By Annette Rey

I love books – books I can hold, books I can smell, pages I can turn. I even take joy in categorizing them and lining them on shelves. I enjoy looking at the titles on their spines, and they seem to watch me from their lofty perches as I remember discovering their delectable secrets that revealed themselves as I lightly tiptoed, and sometimes hungrily dashed forward, through their words.

I didn’t think I could enjoy reading books on an electronic device, but the ease and convenience of acquiring reading material won me over. There are other reasons to give this a try, specifically as related to retrieving books from your local library through apps designed for any device.

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Unusual Writing Prompt #1

For Flash Fiction or Short Story

By Annette Rey

I’m starting a new series of posts based on breaking writer’s block with exercises using an unusual approach.

Do you need a quick-start writing idea that is unusual and challenging? You can make this exercise as involved and as long as you like. Or you can hover around the idea and write a short flash fiction.

Here’s how to begin:

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Workshop “Earn Six Figures as an Indie Author” – Angie Fox


By Annette Rey

Yesterday I posted a message to you, my readers, explaining a recent absence from my site, telling you I am going through some sad times. And while I have not been posting, I have not completely shut down. During this period of time, I have continued to push toward my writing goals. One of the things I have done is attend a workshop and I’d like to share the experience with you.

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Another Message to My Readers

It’s Tough to be Human

By Annette Rey

While I don’t like to discuss personal things on my site, I feel a mention should be made why I have not posted for nineteen days.

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Halloween Greetings

049Just Some Photos

By Annette Rey

043                              051

Fun   Fun   Fun

Just to make you smile.


100_5647                 100_5901

Have a lot of safe fun for Halloween.