Do You Need Help Creating Interesting and Unique Titles?

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer May be Helpful

By Annette Rey

CoSchedule ( is a site that offers software that helps businesses get organized. The site also states they have a program that can help you save time, publish more consistently, and grow your blog traffic.

Like any business, they are in business to make money, so their software has a price.

But I discovered they have a free tool on their site called Headline Analyzer. This can be of use to writers to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results in creating productive titles for their blog posts. The Analyzer reveals some interesting details and some fun facts about your input.

Let’s take a look.

Go to

First, download their free lists under Tools at the bottom of the page – How to Write Headlines, 180+ Power Words for Writing Emotional Headlines, and Social Media Message Templates. Retain these in a folder I hope you have already established labeled something like Instructions for Writers.

Then click on Headline Analyzer also listed under Tools. A form requesting some information from you will appear. I only filled in the form once and the site remembered me. I did not have to sign in or create a password which is great because who needs more of those to keep track of? I inserted my name, an email address, I opted to enter “private” in the telephone number box, and inserted my web address into the business name box. The site accepted these answers and gave me access to use the analyzer without limit.

Now go to the analyzer and type in one of your recent blog post titles. The analyzer will quickly assess your work. It keeps a history of your entries as you try and retry variations of your title as you attempt to achieve a higher score. Read the entire page after each entry.

As an example, here’s how this post title rated.

snip HA 2

The site then gives links to learn more and length analysis.

snip HA 3

More hints are given, then highlighting on your first and last three words of the title, keywords you have used, and the sentiment expressed in your title.

snip HA 4

More tips are given and, what I found interesting, a preview of what your title would look like in a Google Search.

snip HA 5

Then a preview of what your title would look like in an email subject line and, lastly, the program allows you to share your title and score in a Tweet, or to share the Headline Analyzer on Twitter and/or Facebook.

headline analyzer 6

You can improve your blogging experience and learn more about marketing and composing if you use this tool.

Though I had a lot of fun with this site and truly want to improve my SEO, I’m feeling pretty dumb. The highest I have scored is 76. I’m confident you will have done better. Please leave comments and tell me your title and score.

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