Baseballs, Beach Balls, and Sex

Look, Think, Write

By Annette Rey

Writer’s block? Okay, we’ve been over this before.

Step One: Look around your room.
Step Two: What do you see?
Step Three: Name it out loud.
Step Four: What thoughts are conjured by those words?
Step Five: Write about it.

It really is that simple.

Why? Because you are a creative writer, that’s why. Believe in yourself.

One word leads to another. You have to pick up the pen or put your fingers to the keys. Take the word and start writing about it. Other ideas and stories will attach themselves to that one original word.

Today I wondered what to write about. Feeling a little blank, I took the word ball. Okay. My brain asked me, how many kinds of balls are there? I answered, baseball, beach ball. I stopped right there. Beach ball conjured up visions of flowing ocean waves, sea gulls flying overhead, tiny crabs running sideways across the sand, love in the air.

I then envisioned small uncoordinated children unable to grasp an unwieldy beach ball and their screeches of laughter filled the air, laughing at themselves, laughing at just plain being carefree. Can you put yourself in the mind of a child? You have no other thoughts, no fears, no regrets, no worries, no bills to pay. Immerse yourself in what that might feel like and write about it.

Then I thought of gala balls. Cinderella. Do you have a Cinderella story of your own to write? An evil stepsister story? What about a story of your favorite ball gown, the experience of shopping for it, your graduation day or dance that night?

Those thoughts could lead to other parties or celebrations you remember. What about your fifteenth or fiftieth birthday? The day you discovered your mother was pregnant? She does what?

I remember when I discovered my parents were nude together, I fervently prayed for their souls. I was in fear they’d be struck dead. What would happen to me then? How selfish they were to risk my life! Your limited views as a child is a perfect subject to delve into and write about.

You have experiences to share with others. You think they don’t matter, but they do.

Think. Begin writing. Expand on it. Polish it.

Voila! You have written a piece.

Now where were you when you sat down to write? You thought you were empty-headed, couldn’t think of a thing to say. How did all of this start? With one word – ball.

See. These simple methods to inspire writing really work.

Now have fun and get to it.

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