Spiders, Crawlers, and Bots, Oh My!

Write These Into Your Work

By Annette Rey

We live in an exciting day – so much fodder out there to add to our writing pieces. We are only limited by our imaginations.

I enjoyed the Splinter Cell video game series inspired by Tom Clancy’s stories of clandestine operations. The spider bot is a great stealth tool used to infiltrate enemy territory. It is ignored by guards and its surface has the ability to become invisible. It is used by the Fourth Echelon, blacker than black, special operations and counter-terrorism unit.

Crawlers are also known as spiders but these are internet bots, also called spidering software. These web crawlers copy pages for the supposed good of internet users to search more efficiently. I detect these crawlers could be used for sinister purposes.

Using these basic ideas, write a short story incorporating this information. Elaborate. Imagine. Be ingenious. These items do not have to be used in the generally expected way. Put these items in a children’s story? Why not?

What is really being loaded into that truck?

The world is yours!


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