Word of the Week 6/16/18

bas bleu

By Annette Rey

I receive a catalog called Bas Bleu and was curious as to what it means (I don’t speak French). What I discovered is appropriate for a website about writing.

It means:

An intellectual woman, a woman having literary or intellectual interests.

So, I picture a woman with pen in hand, writing. Or I see her carrying a stack of books.

For pronunciation, go to https://www.howtopronounce.com/french/bas-bleu/

It also means bluestocking. Bas bleu was a literary salon where the members wore their practical country clothing, their blue worsted stockings, equivalent today to blue jeans.

See: http://blog.basbleu.com/2013/09/04/the-queens-english/

Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Word of the Week 6/16/18

  1. It makes me happy to introduce new words and writing help to those who have inquiring minds. Thanks for letting me know you are interested and keep journals. Kudos for that, too!


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