Word of the Week 4/14/18

Current Events Phrase

By Annette Rey

It’s a challenging time we live in. New words from the digital world seem to spawn every day. Politically correct language is added to on a regular basis. You must keep up-to-date to comprehend news broadcasts.

Here is a phrase which you may not have yet heard.

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Word of the Week 4/7/18

From the Urban Dictionary

By Annette Rey

Last week I posted a word from https://www.urbandictionary.com/ and today I viewed the site again. This site is a treasure trove for mining writing ideas. The first page struck me and story scenarios reeled through my head.

Take a look.

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Word of the Week

By Annette Rey

Are you writing a modern day story which includes street lingo and you want to get it right? Then visit this site:

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Word of the Week

By Annette Rey

Since I love words, and we writers need to know them, I am creating a new category for my site – Word of the Week. These words will be new, fun, unusual, and sometimes ancient – simply because all words can be useful as we continue down our writing (and reading) road.

Today’s word is:


[eɡˈziɡyo͞oəs, ekˈsiɡyo͞oəs]

Exiguous is an adjective and means very small in size or amount.

His aristocratic family considered him a pauper due to his exiguous funds.

Synonyms are –

meager    inadequate   insufficient   small    scanty    paltry    negligible    modest    deficient       piddling       stingy   miserly   measly  niggardly    beggarly


Exiguousness, noun

Exiguously, adverb