Word of the Week 4/14/18

Current Events Phrase

By Annette Rey

It’s a challenging time we live in. New words from the digital world seem to spawn every day. Politically correct language is added to on a regular basis. You must keep up-to-date to comprehend news broadcasts.

Here is a phrase which you may not have yet heard.

Cultural appropriation – the act of using a cultural icon which one is not deserving to employ.

Translation – unless you are of the appropriate genetic descent, you cannot borrow, wear, or display items of that inheritance.


Hoop earrings – it is presumed hoop earrings are completely of African ownership. Unless you are of African descent, you insult those who are if you wear such items.

Moccasins – unless you are of American Indian descent, you don’t have the right to wear moccasins.

Now you will know what the above phrase means when you hear it.

Our dictionaries keep growing!

NOTE:  The book pictured, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, (1988), does NOT make reference to the phrase. See The Oxford Reference online  for further elucidation.

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