Great Research Site for Writers

Historical Info

By Annette Rey

Is crime your genre? Are you writing about Britain of old? You need terminology of the age. You need information on court proceedings, actual criminal names to search, and the changes in policing practices.

Even more valuable knowledge is available at this site.

This intriguing site covers pertinent British history from 1674 to 1913.

Did you know that during the 17th century, there was a plague of infertility? London was not populated so much by children or the elderly. It was dominated by the young, men and women in their teens and twenties. That fact will lend reality to your piece and will influence the path of your story.

We might consider the practices of the time to be primitive. Until the London Building Act of 1774 and even after, many suburban developments were built of low quality materials by perhaps unskilled laborers. The very poor fell victim to these circumstances with whole families crushed in house collapses.

More information about daily life is inferred through descriptions of offenses and trials. This section reveals much of legal procedure that will help bolster any story.

Give this site a visit and capture the flavor of Britain and London of old.

It is also a source of inspiration. My mind goes to the mystery of why a population becomes infertile.

That is a story in itself.

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