Writers Need Writers

By Annette Rey

Lonely Tower Dwellers Get Boring

Most writers would be happy sitting in a lonely tower, watching life passing by below their only contact with the outside world. They dream of a world where creativity is the only currency, where the necessity of promotion, advertising, cover art, synopses, queries, and other thieves of time do not exist.

But, even Thoreau had to mix with society to achieve publication. And so, we must do the same.

Today I attended a meeting of a writer’s group because the speaker’s subject matter, self-publishing, interested me. Liz Shulte is a successful full-time, indie author with a lot to share. I didn’t rise at 6a.m. on a Saturday morning to go through the ritual of “getting ready” just to meet with people. I like my lonely tower and any restful non-work day.

But like all humans, after I am ensconced with like-minds, I find benefit in their company. Contact can be as simple as exchanging names or helping someone fill in their notes because they misheard the speaker. Opportunities arise that wouldn’t have presented themselves in my tower.

At the break, I met a writer who is offering a chance for a pass to a conference I want to attend next year. In signing up for his site, we began to talk. It turned out he wrote a book on his father’s experience in WWII and I have an avid interest for anything related to that event. He also wrote a book about his family’s experience on the home front during that time and offered me that book if I cared to read it and give it a review. I was very happy to assist him. I will share that review on this site for my readers.

I gathered valuable information from Liz Shulte, most importantly the reminder to set book writing goals and make that a priority in my life. That sounds like simple instruction, but sometimes it’s the simple we overlook. She encouraged any writer to attend conferences of the Romance Writers of America whether they write romance or not. I don’t write romance and have thought to attend one of their conferences, but ruled it out as an “I wouldn’t belong there” event. I have now changed my mind and am excited to add another educational experience to my life.

We lonely tower dwellers need stimulation from others and real-life voices that give us fresh details of their journeys. Occasionally, we need to sacrifice a lazy day in a house robe or a day of completing household chores (they will wait for you) or a day of precious writing time for the comradeship of others.

So, find a venue that will enhance your writing and your spirit. Get up and get ready and get newly energized.

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