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Spread the Wealth

By Annette Rey

Amazon gets a good share of the earnings of book lovers. I buy a lot of my books from Barnes and Noble, and make an effort to buy from independent sellers, as well.

The site I found is, The Mystery Company. This site urges the buyer to support independent booksellers either in your community or by phone, mail, or internet. They suggest you contact the American Booksellers Association at to find independent sellers in your area. If you like the books at Crum Creek Press, they are also available at Amazon.

I have already led you to Crum Creek Press as it carries that great gift idea Detecta-Crostics: Puzzles of Mystery and I wanted to get that out to you in time to buy before Christmas.

This post is focusing on finding independents and is one you should check out. The site is user friendly and carries series titles and other very interesting books.

One of these is Organizing Crime: The Mystery Company’s Guide to Series. It’s quite unusual in that it has listed thousands of series mystery titles and checklists. These checklists help you know which book is the first and next in a series and what ones you own. The book is a manual that helps you keep track of your reading and library.

I know I have duplicate books now. If I had more space for a large library – and I mean mansion-size library – it would be helpful to have a log entry to remind me what I own.

Visit the site. Seeing is believing.



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