A Mystery Lover’s Site

A Mystery Connection

By Annette Rey

The Internet is full of information and I seem to mine its depth and find uncommonly known sites. I came across this one as I researched awards given to writers.

If you are a mystery reader and/or writer, you will find what you need here at the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association site. I urge you to check it out even though the IMBA dissolved as a formal organization in November 2014. The site is still open to find mystery bookstores, mystery suggestions for reading, and book reviews of same.

The members of the IMBA online discussion group created a list: 100 Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century free to print and use for any non-commercial purpose. I have the list and intend to find some enjoyable reads.

Reading the material of others is a very important part of a writer’s life. Whether you write mysteries or not, you can learn what plot and pacing looks like by reading mysteries. I continue to learn by re-reading Agatha Christie books. She was a master with dialogue and juggling a lot of characters, not to mention (though I am mentioning, haha) she planted some great red herrings.

I have the ability to enjoy reading a book while keeping my writer side ever alert.

I am looking forward to finding new authors to enjoy and learn from.








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