Sites for Writers #17

Wow! One of the Best!

By Annette Rey

You won’t believe the usefulness of this one!

It’s a violent world and I think no matter what genre you write in, you will have occasion to use this site – A Dictionary of Forensic Science. But, especially I think, if you write crime/mysteries this site will show you informed on terminology and procedures.

At the site, click on a letter of the alphabet and a list of words appears. Click on one of those words and a description appears. Wow! The material is detailed and gives a real inside look into techniques like multi-metal deposition (MMD) – a technique used to visualize latent fingerprints involving the application of gold followed by silver. The general procedure can…

The site explains that complete access to the material requires a subscription or purchase. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords without a subscription.

If you choose not to purchase full access, the site is still extremely useful to cue you in on exact terminology. You can then do further unpaid research on what you discover. For instance, the term found on the site extractor marks is locked and does not give a definition.

Busy writers may want to pay for access to save the research time.

Add this link to your list of Resources.



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