Crime Investigation Book List

By Annette Rey

Writers can always use a concise list of category-specific books. Following is a list from my public library.

FBI Handbook of Crime Scene Forensics

Forensic Science (3 volume reference set)

The CSI Effect by Katherine Ramsland

The Real World of a Forensic Scientist by Henry Lee

Forensics the Easy Way by Harold Trimm

The Mammoth Book of Crime Scene Investigation by Roger Wilkes, B.A. (editor)

Aftermath, Inc.: Cleaning Up After CSI Goes Home by Gil Reavill

Teasing Secrets from the Dead by Emily Craig

Murderous Methods: Using Forensic Science to Solve Lethal Crimes by Mark Benecke

Cracking More Cases: The Forensic Science of Solving Crimes by Henry C. Lee

Shocking Cases From Dr. Henry Lee’s Forensic Files by Henry C. Lee

A Question of Murder by Cyril Wecht

Tales from the Morgue: Forensic Answers to Nine Famous Cases by Cyril Wecht

The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds by Katherine Ramsland

Ultimate CSI by Catherine Marrinan

Dead Center: Behind the Scenes at the World’s Largest Medical Examiner’s Office by Shiya Ribowsky

And finally:

Beyond the Body Farm: A Legendary Bone Detective Explores Murders, Mysteries, and the Revolution of Forensic Science by William Bass

I don’t know about you, but I want to read all of these!


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