Writer’s Encouragement

Believe. Work. Believe.

By Annette Rey

I believe there is no such thing as writer’s block. Your thoughts can drive you forward or be self-limiting. Whatever you tell yourself, you believe. Think a moment about that statement.

Believing is mental action that energizes, it is a power unto itself. It is the first step to taking physical action. Believe there are no limits. Open your mind.

As to writing, the approach is a simple step-by-step process. Pick a subject. Research it. Write about it.

may-16-295You must do the work before hitting the keys. If your screen is blank, there is only one reason. And that is, you don’t have enough information on the subject. You must then go to a resource on the subject. If necessary, search for additional resources. Leave your writing and physically go to a resource: the public library, a book store, a hospital, the closest high school or university.

Professionals in many subjects are located there. Pick their brains. An oft underused resource today is the Yellow Pages. You can find professionals there, too.

If you sincerely try, you can come up with more avenues to search.

By the time you get back to your writing page, you will be fresh with new data, data you have already been processing subconsciously. Your brain will have additional food for thought. Begin putting those thoughts, fueled by that food, on the screen. Your writing will move forward.

The point is, you reach a section on the road only limited by the img_1632stop points you set for yourself. If you see your writing project as a real road, are you pleased to stop at an incline surrounded by towering trees on a curve where you can’t see the end? Do you quit before finishing the journey? Or do you vie to complete the trek and surmount the crest where from there you can see the terminus?

There is no invisible spirit that obstructs you. There is no writer’s block. There is only what you work toward, what you create, or where you decide to stop.

The power lies with you. What you believe in your mind is the power.

So, if you believe you can finish that project, you can! That belief will make you choose not to quit, but to gather the information you need to assist you in completing the task.

As I said, it is simple.

Believe. Work. Believe.





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