Ten Reasons Why Writers Need The Great Courses on Writing

Include These Lessons in Your Writer’s Library

By Annette Rey

Would you like your writing to flow? If it doesn’t, you could use some help. All of us have developed bad habits over the years where it concerns our writing. Whether you are a new writer or have been at it a long time, you can improve your knowledge of the rules of writing, and how to use the English language.

Take a look with me at what The Great Courses has to offer.

Each of four courses we are interested in falls under the topic Literature and Language, and the subtopic Writing. The four courses, in no order of preference (that’s up to you) are: 1) Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer’s Craft, 2) Writing Creative Nonfiction,  3) Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques, and 4) Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write about Anything. These are available in DVD or CD with free video streaming.

100_1677The ten reasons you will benefit from these courses are:

One: Each extensive, high-quality course is presented by a credentialed professor, most of whom are authors.

Two: A detailed guidebook is included with each course that follows the presented material, chapter by chapter. Each book has a supplemental material section which generally includes a glossary, biographical notes on noted writers whose work was drawn upon in the lesson material, and, most important to me for further learning purposes, each has a lengthy bibliography.

Three: Learning is both audio/visual with the DVD and tactile with the guidebook. This appeals to different people who learn better from various approaches.

Four: You will save time by not having to leave your home for off-sight classes, and you can pace your learning to suit your own time schedule.

Five: These courses are a real pleasure to journey through. They are actually fun. Of course, I think learning is fun.


Six: The quality of material and the amount of knowledge imparted is really beyond what is generally expected from a DVD presentation. You will not be disappointed. (They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.)

Seven: And forget the stress. There is no time deadline hanging over you to complete the course.

Eight: You can revisit any DVD and any section for refreshing your understanding of the material.

Nine: Don’t let the cost scare you. You can purchase one lesson at the time they offer sales and budget the lessons out over time. Think about it. After your love and moral commitments, shouldn’t your writing education be of extreme importance in your life? I purchased the four lessons for $39.95 each. I bought them in the same order along with four other non-writing lessons, and shipping only cost $25.00.

Ten: And then there’s the reward. If you give your all participating in these courses, your writing will reflect the knowledge you gained.

Isn’t that what we want – to be better and more fluent writers?

I suggest you put this offering in your personal writer’s library.

(Visit www.visitgreatcourses.com or call 1-800-832-2412 and order a descriptive catalog. Seeing is believing.)










6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Writers Need The Great Courses on Writing

  1. I have a few of The Great Courses but haven’t checked their website for quite awhile. I bought The Story of Language several years ago, a fascinating series on the evolution of language. I’m going over there to peruse their website. Thanks for the suggestion!


    • I have faithfully followed each Great Courses lessons on writing and feel my writing has improved as I apply new knowledge to creating sentences and scenes. I enjoy your feedback and hope I can lead writers to fresh teaching and give them tools to become better writers.


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