Elevator Pitch Challenge

Writers Engage!

By Annette Rey

What is an Elevator Pitch? It is your fifty-word presentation attempt to sell your book limited by the small time period of an elevator ride. Can you convince someone you just met that your book is worth buying? Be prepared with an already polished Elevator Pitch that declares why a buyer should own your book.

Take the challenge.

This is a serious mental exercise and is necessary to have in your repertoire. After all the thousands of words you have written to create your book, you can condense its purpose to just fifty words.

Actually, this should take a lot of thinking. You must make every word count. You can’t afford to waste one word. Only you know your book inside and out. You want readers to experience your story as you intended. Choose words that channel your enthusiasm to the potential buyer. Book purchases are made from emotional draw in the reader more so than from a factual description.

This is a helpful exercise for the writer. It makes you express the spirit of your work. And from the pitch, you can adapt a preview description for your back cover, which is also included in ads.

Complete this exercise so you can convince someone you just met that your book is worth buying.

Please leave a comment and share your experience with others. Explain how this endeavor helped you appreciate even more your accomplished piece of work.


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