Write a Story in 35 Words

35-Word Challenge 

By Annette Rey

This is a real challenge that beats even flash fiction word limits. Give this a try and remember to make it complete by including answers to the questions: who, what, when, where, and why.

Here’s my effort.

Winter Olympic training in the Alps ended tragically for Beverly Simms when an avalanche stole her dreams and her life.

Who = Beverly Simms

What = Avalanche

When = Winter

Where = Alps

Why = Olympic training


I did that in 20 words.

Please share your stories with me.







2 thoughts on “Write a Story in 35 Words

  1. Love this exercise! Here’s my offering:

    “Avery cursed her luck when she cut her hand during cooking class and missed the last home game of the New York Rangers’ 2016 playoff season.”

    Feel free to critique!


    • Your choice of words means everything in telling a story in a short space. If you are ever having writer’s block, get out a notebook and make these short efforts. Writing ideas seem to surface without even trying and writer’s block just drifts away. Good job!


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