Writers’ Memory Quiz #1

Relationship Words

By Annette Rey

Put on your writing caps. This quiz will exercise your ability to recall words, to substitute more descriptive words for general terms when creating your work. Good writers use specific words. Good writers use words like Corvette instead of car or auto – even battered Corvette – but we are not dealing with adjectives in this quiz.

A category will be given. Then, you find as many explicit replacement words for the category word. The basic number of possibilities will be in parentheses behind the word. If you’re really sharp, you may exceed that number.

For instance:

DOG (339) — Beagle – Doberman – Shepherd – Chihuahua – etc.

The quiz categories are harder. Begin.

SHIRT (20)    –   BONE (30+)    –   WINES (20+)    –   GEMS (10+)

You can create your own quizzes using words more common to your type of writing genre.

Communicate with me about this quiz and any other writing ideas you have.



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