Capitalizing Your Title Words

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

By Annette Rey

I am here to help writers with the smallest of details. And it can be a small detail that catapults your work to notice or gives you a bad name as a writer.

The general rule of capitalizing title words is:

All words are capitalized except the following words:

a – an – and – of – the

Remember, ANY of these words ARE capitalized if they are first in your title line, just as you capitalize the first letter of a sentence.

There are other rules of capitalization that apply to particular words whether in a title or in the body of your work. An example is the name of Daphne du Maurier. You should always check with a reliable source when you are creating your work.

And here is a helpful site to use:

Just type your title directly into the box and the program will automatically capitalize your words. See the rules on the site.

Remember, the program is not faultless. It capitalizes the “d” in du Maurier. But I suggest using the site as a quick help for general titles.

Happy writing!

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