Healthy Humor

Take a Laugh Break

By Annette Rey

Every writer needs to escape from the all-consuming writing frenzy. There really is more to life than writing. Really?

Unfortunately, that is true. I say it’s unfortunate because writing is an escape for me. I love being in that mind-world of nothingness, yet word-loving, word-full ecstasy of emptying/re-filling, inner universe. So, coming out of it is almost a regretful thing I must do. After all, my back begins to hurt, my eyes strain, I get hungry, if I’m outside I get mosquito-bitten – all the human frailties grab me like a grappling hook and force me from my dream-place.

If I’m not suffering physically from sitting too long a time, then another reason to take a break is to refresh my mind, re-gear, look around me – maybe something interesting is happening. That would be new food for my creative side to twist into a tantalizing tale.

NOTICE the alliteration in the previous sentence. It sounds good, doesn’t it? Lightly sprinkle a few of those only-you-can-create inventions into your writing. They really do pay off, and can pay off literally!

Today, I took a break to listen to one of my favorite PBS programs, Between the Lines, with Barry Kibrick. He comes across as a delightfully sweet and innocent, and intelligent, fellow. (I wonder if he realizes that is an impression he leaves with others). He interviews writers and, most of the time, the interchange between host and writer is entertaining, as well as informative.

Mr. Kibrick interviewed Dennis Palumbo, a multi-varied career-person-turned-writer of mystery stories. His background in psychotherapy leant him to quote the following bit of whimsy which caused me to smile. I share it with you, but do not know the origin of the bit.

  • If a patient arrives for his mental-health session early, he is called anxious. If he arrives late, he is called resistant. If he arrives on time, he is called compulsive.

We sort of live in a world where we can’t win – ha ha – and seeing humor in our day-to-day struggles gives us an edge – so we don’t go over the edge!

Keep a smile in mind. Write and rest. And write again.

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