Sites for Writers, #11

For Real World Writing News

By Annette Rey

The Sites for Writers category is growing on my site and most of them are instructional and educational sites for writers to improve their writing skills. I have taken to numbering the posts so my readers (and I) can keep track of them.

The ones I mention today don’t directly fall into that category. – for news in the real world that concerns “all aspects of ebooks and digital content and for all creating, reading, publishing, managing, curating, and distributing the written word and other content in digital format, including publishers, writers, editors, content developers, distributors, educators, librarians and information science professionals. With contributions from book and library professionals and thought leaders in the United States and around the world.” I especially appreciated an article on Smashwords – I am certain you will find something on this site to benefit you. for current news on the writing world. As a writer, I pretty much live under rock. That is, I am not tuned in to a lot the rest of the world knows, even what the rest of the writing community might know. I found the following article brought me out into the daylight — This article is not directly about children’s books, but about how a new writer may have manipulated the market to get her book listed first on the New York Times bestseller list – and about the discovery and downfall. – The site is loaded with links to other sites of interest, book reviews, debuts, and more.

Do you have some advice on sites to investigate? Do you have some nuggets and links to share?



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