A Mystery Lover’s Gift

Just in Time for Christmas

By Annette Rey

I found the perfect gift for the mystery lover in your life.


A book titled: Detecta-Crostics: Puzzles of Mystery

(Paperback | ISBN: 978-0-9625804-8-2 | 2003 | $18.00)

The site says the book is a unique hybrid of mystery quiz, acrostics, anagrams, and word games.

And is not just the typical approach to games – play word detective, find and interpret clues.

Solutions are thoroughly annotated and indexed and provide the story behind the answer. You learn more about mysteries, writers, and characters.

Not just a game book, it serves as a reference, a guide to the world of crime fiction.

This sounds like a fun (and informative) way to spend some time and a great gift idea.

Check it out! Do it soon.



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