Words of the Week 6/3/18

Let’s Get This One Right

By Annette Rey

This situation is in the news frequently so let’s be accurate on current events!

Power struggles within quite a few countries are causing a burden on citizens of those countries. In many cases, the living conditions are substandard and life-threatening, causing the populace to flee to safer areas.

We need to correctly use the words in reference to these unfortunate people.

Emigrant – Emigrate

Immigrant – Immigrate

These words derive from the word migrate.

Emigrate always refers to a place of departure and movement from that place.

Emigrant refers to that person who is moving.

Immigrate always refers to having moved to another destination.

Immigrant refers to that person who has moved.

Many Bosnians were forced to emigrate from their lifelong homes. They suffered many hardships while they were emigrants.

During World War II, a large number of Jewish people immigrated to countries outside of Europe. As immigrants they adapted well to their new homes.

I hope this helps clarify these words for you.

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