Create Creative Characters

Use Your Imagination

By Annette Rey

When was the last time you were awed by a new invention? Did you say to yourself, “I wish I had invented that!”

Well, set your imagination free and create creative characters!

How about an unassuming seven year old? Bored in her backyard. Grounded by an overbearing parent for a common childhood offense. So she thinks. How can I escape this place, these people? Where can I go…?

A caveman is faced with an unscalable cliff. He doesn’t have a rope, metal wedges or a grappling hook. He has never heard these words before. But he has lived closely with nature. He has observed the birds… Maybe there are ores in the stones that have qualities our Earth has not since known. What emanates from those ores that will enable him to conquer the cliff?

Julia is a satisfied housewife but often cuts her hands on sharp knives while preparing meals. A flash of genius occurs to her. Her problem is solved. But it brings her life to the edge of disaster. What did she invent and how did that lead her into another world?

Imagine. Imagine.

Studying real-life creative persons can help get your writing juices flowing.

Did you know that in 1717 Benjamin Franklin invented swim fins when he was eleven years old? He fashioned them from planks of wood and attached them to his hands and forearms, but they made his wrists sore. So plan B, he fashioned them to his feet. In 1968 he was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. That is the history we know. Couldn’t a caveman have done the same?

Imagine. Imagine.

Get inspired.


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