CSI Books for Kids

By Annette Rey

Most writers have children. If you are a crime/mystery writer, you might want to share what you do with your appropriately-aged kids. It never hurts to have more understanding between parents and children. And all parents should encourage their children to read.

Following is a list from my local library of CSI books for kids.

Crime Scene by Vivien Bowers

Forensic Science by Ron Fridell

Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries by Elizabeth MacLeod

Crime Scene Science Projects by Elizabeth Harris

Dusted and Busted!: The Science of Fingerprinting by D. B. Beres

Fingerprints: Crime Solving Science Experiments by Kenneth G. Rainis

Hair, Clothing and Tire Track Evidence by Kenneth G. Rainis

Blood and DNA Evidence by Kenneth G. Rainis

Forgery: Crime Solving Experiments by Brian Lane

Crime and Detection by Brian Lane

Gut-eating Bugs: Maggots Reveal the Time of Death by Danielle Denega

The Human Body: Investigating an Unexplained Death by Andrew Solway

And, finally:

Forensics: Uncover the Science and Technology of Crime Scene Investigation by Carla Mooney

These books sound exciting. The ones on science experiments should appeal to both you and your children. What parent isn’t looking to guide their child for the annual Science Project at school?

There’s more to learn where this came from. Visit your public library.