Three Great Sites for Writers

Three Jam-Packed Sites

By Annette Rey

You will have great fun and be exposed to a world of information, an inexhaustible amount, if you spend some time on the following sites.

I have had personal association with each one of these sites. Most of the information is free and all of the material is of extremely high quality. A few services are purchasable.

The Character Therapist – What fun for writers and it’s free! This site has been around for years. Written by Jeannie Campbell, a marriage and family therapist, she will put your character “on the couch” and give you feedback on your interpretation of your character. She answers questions about coincident behaviors to particular mental conditions so you can portray your character accurately.  A few years ago, I submitted a profile of a character to her. She got really involved in my person. I was impressed with the detail into which she delved. She gave valuable, reality-based information to me so I could continue correctly in the depiction of my character. – Scroll down on the right side of her Blog page and you will find hundreds of articles she has written from Abandonment to Young Adult. – Her site intersperses humor and includes categories on jokes and quizzes. You can learn a lot from her and have fun at the same time.

Women-on-Writing – is self-described as: An ezine promoting the communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers. A wealth of information is available here including links to other helpful sites, and has a supportive aura you can feel. I took a several-weeks-long webinar on the subject of social media. Each participant had consistent personal contact via email with the leader (Margo Dill) and with each other member. I remember the experience, the leader, and the other participants in detail today. I think that says a lot about the quality of content and presentation.

Writers Digest – – If you don’t plug into this site, you are missing a lot of valuable information for writers. The site has hundreds of instructional articles on subjects to improve your writing, and info on every aspect of editing, publishing, and all subjects associated with that. A regular contributor gives instruction on writing poetry. Free instructional writing downloads are available. The site also offers webinars and workshops (for a fee) on blogging, writing, you name it.

Many more sites for writers are out there and I will share more of those as time goes on. These are just a few of my favorites.

How about you? Do you have favorites you want to share?


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