The Free Grammarly Program is Awesome!

You Really Need to Use This Software

By Annette Rey

Writers, how familiar are you with multiple predicate commas? And do you add a comma when there are less than three predicates? Do you miss adding determiners in your sentences? What about missing a comma to isolate a clause? How about adding an unnecessary hyphen or not adding a necessary hyphen? How about the rule to make a word a gerund so it can act as a noun?

I thought so. Not many of us do know all the rules of grammar. Read on to see how the free program at can instruct you and make you more confident in your work before you press send.

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Five Sites for Writers

We Can’t Get Enough of Them

By Annette Rey — — Find out how libraries have changed and what they have to offer. – — by Mignon Fogarty, self-explanatory. Quite a variety of information for writers on this site. — — is a grammar checker program that proofreads, checks for plagiarism, and more. At a price — $29.95 for monthly, or $19.98 a month for quarterly, or $11.66 a month for yearly. Just plug in your material. This may be useful to a writer who does not have an editor, and has his manuscript near to completion. The site also offers a free subscription. Just plug in your work and it will run basic corrections with instructions for you to implement changes or not. I have found this very helpful in guiding me to lessen errors for future articles. So, I use it as a teaching site, as well. — — If you are writing a character into your story that has a mental disorder, you will find it here in an alphabetized list of scientific-phobias. — — an online site that details a public television program by the same name. It provides a wealth of books to investigate, reviews, conversations, and more. You can join the WellRead Book Club for free and participate in live chats with authors, win autographed books, and more. The site also includes BookMarks by Mary Ann Gwinn who reviews multiple books a week.



Three Great Sites for Writers

Three Jam-Packed Sites

By Annette Rey

You will have great fun and be exposed to a world of information, an inexhaustible amount, if you spend some time on the following sites.

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