Always a Writer

No Matter Where I Am

By Annette Rey

The other day I got an unexpected break and had a couple of hours on my hands – quite an unusual treat. Because I never can just drop everything and do what I imagine the average person does (have fun), I made two business stops first. Then I took time for myself.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. I felt light and airy, too. Where did I go?

…to my favorite bookstore – Barnes and Noble.

I felt like a kid in playtime. I went straight to the center counter and ordered three new books on writing to be shipped to the store. When they arrive, I will peruse them and decide whether or not I will buy them.

I then went to the Reference Section as that is where they shelve books on the craft of writing. From the shelf I chose a book on crafting sentences. From the Starbuck’s in the store, I ordered the greatest hot chocolate I’d ever had ever(!) and sat comfortably at a table to read.

After about an hour, another thought flashed through my mind. At the magazine section I chose about eight magazines on writing and carried them back to the table. For hours I paged through them, taking notes and collecting information on writing contest opportunities, grants, books of interest, intriguing websites and more. I read articles on writing techniques and developed ideas for blog posts.

Four and a half hours went by!

Is that the way the average person spends a rare opportunity to spend free time? Probably not. But writers aren’t very average people. They are unusual in many ways and most people really don’t understand what motivates them. Most people think poring over books for hours without looking up is like being forced to be back in school.

But we writers understand.

It’s all about building brick upon brick to arrive at a goal we have set in our minds.

I wish you a day like mine.





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